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Interior Design 

For interior design to be  successful it has to reach beyond aesthetics. A beautiful space that does not deliver on function fails in its primary purpose. This is a principle we deeply respect at EDW-interiors and by approaching design as a holistic creative process, we strive to​ create spaces that anticipate ​the needs of  their inhabitants and appeal to their emotions and wellbeing.

Being a small and friendly practice we give each project our undivided attention and care to deliver outstanding results. We welcome all sizes of projects and nature of enquiries for both residential and commercial spaces. Be it a complete property project, a mini makeover, or consultation on a specific area and whatever your desired decorating style, we will work to your brief to ensure the final product reflects your unique taste, vision and lifestyle.

To discuss your project with us and see how we can help, please get in touch! 

Home Staging


Home Staging is the practice of preparing a property for sale or let by presenting it at its best light in order to appeal to the widest possible target audience and stand out form the competition.

It is often confused with Interior Design however the two differ quite significantly in approach and end result. While Interior Design seeks to captivate and reflect the property owner's personality and unique taste, Home Staging aims to achieve the opposite. That is because in a property for sale, the house hunter is looking to find their home, not ours.

EDW-interiors are certified Home Stagers that know the difference between the two and how to make a property work harder come sale time. 

Whether a property is occupied or empty, we will study it and offer the best solutions to enhance its plus points and minimize the negatives to make it more competitive in the market place, helping to secure a faster sale at a premium price.   

At a time when most house searching is done online Home Staging can make the difference between a click and a scroll, and once the buyer is at the doorstep to make the first impression be the best impression.  

From Walk-Throughs to complete Home Staging packages, EDW-interiors offer a wide range of services to suit your needs, circumstances and budget, and are always happy to offer a totally bespoke package upon request.

We cater for Private Sellers, Landlords, Estate Agents and Developers and for a wide range of properties like cluttered family homes, empty houses and show homes. 

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